Dekton DT65315 Precision Torx Set (6 Pieces) Avron Trading Ltd

  • Ergonomic anti slip handle for ease of use and precise control
  • Accurately machined for ultimate fit
  • Includes: T5, T6, T7, T8, T9 & T10
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Product Description

This set comprises of 6 Torx head screwdrivers with their star heads they are a must for both the professionals tool bag and the homeowners toolbox, a precision tool manfactured to the highest standard

Box Contains

1 x 6 torx screwdrivers


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15 February 2016
I bought these to use on a laptop. Given the good number of positive reviews, I had hoped that these screwdrivers would last a while, and that they would certainly be good enough for the short job I needed them for.

In view of one of the existing reviews (at the time of purchase) being critical of the quality of the tools, I took care in removing the eight T5 screws using the T5 screwdriver. Even so, there was some slight damage at the tip that I thought was a coating being stripped off on first use. I ended up putting the screws back shortly afterwards, even more carefully, but the damage accrued further anyway. I did not fully tighten the last three screws because it started slipping inside the screw heads, and the screwdriver rounded off completely on trying to tighten the final screw (i.e. 8 instances of unscrewing, and 8 instances of re-screwing).

It could be that that particular screwdriver came from a faulty batch, but I think I should've spent a bit more for one screwdriver than for a set that I'll now be throwing away. If you do choose to purchase these, I hope you get a more durable set than I did. Nonetheless, I don't feel I can give a better rating than 1 star because the tool was simply not fit for purpose.
Catherine Merrett
4 March 2016
I know it is cheap so what do you expect although you could probably buy something of this calibre from poundland. What irks me a little is that they've tried to mislead you slightly by dipping the tips in paint to give the impression they have tugsten carbide tips or something like that. I haven't tried them yet but the don't appear to have but cut with much precisions so I wouldn't be suprised if the fit isn't very good. Giving it too stars because it is cheap.
18 November 2015
Bargain torx set, well enough made to undo some pesky little screws with torx heads that another cheap torx driver had failed to budge.
Aeryn Sun
5 March 2015
Excellent screwdrivers, tough and don't round off like cheaply made ones. would recommend , good price good product!
3 January 2016
A great purchase. Well made and very good value. The tips did NOT round when I used them.
E. G.
7 December 2015
Its better than the very cheap stuff, does not destroy screws
13 August 2015
First class service and item , Thanks .
Steven Ollerhead
19 June 2016
The service was really good but the quality not so great. This was reflected in the price. They what I expected and as I say the seller was great.

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