NUK First Choice 240ml Glass Feeding Bottle with Size, 1latex Teat Spontex

  • Clinically tested
  • Supports breastfeeding
  • BPA FreeFeatures the original NUK orthodontic shaped teat with extra wide lip support which simulates breast feeding
  • NUK Anti-Colic Air System which minimises infant colic caused by harmful swallowing of air
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Product Description

NUK First Choice Glass are designed to be used with First Choice+ Latex Teats. These teats have a specially designed orthodontic shape and extra wide lip support to simulate breast feeding as closely as possible. The teats are shaped to mimic mother’s nipple during breastfeeding, which reduces nipple confusion and encourages latch on. The NUK Anti-Colic Air System helps to prevent colic by allowing air to flow into the bottle through a vent. This ensures that no air is swallowed during feeding.

Safety Warning

For safety and hygiene purposes we recommend that you replace teats after -2 months of use or whenever they start to show signs of wear. Prior to sterilisation we recommend using the NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser, it’s natural formula removes dried on milk protein, pulp and juice residues more effectively than hot soapy water alone. To sterilise bottles and teats we recommend using steam, cold water sterilisation or a NUK Steam or Microwave Steriliser. We do not recommend dishwasher sterilisation as this can cause material damage.

Product description


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Alan Ye
13 August 2017
great products, but baby don' t like it ...
22 August 2016
Breast fed baby took to this bottle well. I am happier using glass for making warm drinks than plastic so works for me. Seems to be made of strong glass as we have taken it out and about and even when knocked and dropped is still going strong. Easy to clean as the base has no dips and curves.

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