Puma Spirit Men's Sweatshirt 6535901426145490



Colour:Black / White

  • Crew neck; dryCell: This high-functionality material wicks sweat away from your body and allows it to evaporate. For and dry and comfortable feeling on the skin., Puma Cat Logo
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Made by Puma, the Spirit Crew Neck L/S Sweatshirt is ideally suited to life both on and off the training ground all year round. As is befitting of a quality brand such as Puma, from the moment you pull on this sweatshirt, you can feel the quality and comfort running across your body and arms. Made from 100% polyester, the soft feel to the garment includes Puma's Dry Cell Moisture Management which draws sweat away from your skin to leave you feeling dry and comfortable. A stylish plain black offering is complemented by white strikes leading off the right side of the collar, between which the distinct Puma logo is printed. Whether worn on the terraces or simply as casual attire along the high street, this Puma swearshirt is a practical and stylish offering.


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18 August 2016
This sweatshirt is, without doubt, a quality item. Given the weight of the fabric it's also quite warm, and very comfortable to wear. As a rule I'm not one to sing the praises of such a thing, however on this occasion I feel obliged to encourage any prospective buyers, especially considering the very reasonable price. In addition delivery time was, as usual, was very short. Only one word of warning these tops are quite a large fit so you might want to consider a size smaller. On the whole I'm very pleased with this purchase.
Steve O D
11 November 2016
WEIRD how is this so cheap ? i love this, i wear it to the gym , looks good, feels good and after 4 washes it has not changed a bit !
ritchie fisher
22 September 2016
Got this for nearly u00a38 absolute bargain thanks
J J Marsh
18 November 2016
pleased with my purchase
Kevin Robert king
4 June 2016
Nice purchase. Nice quality

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