Triplewax Jumbo Sponge Tetrosyl Ltd CTA003

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Jumbo Sponge

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1X jumbo Sponge


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Yorda Smile
19 December 2015
Bought this for £1.98 with free P&P in August 2015 for my D.I.Y. painting job. Absolutely LOVE THIS STUFF!!! It came wrapped up, so you knew it was a brand new item. I used it (in all four room I re-decorated) to wash the walls with sugar soap and then to was the sugar soap off the walls. The sponge has not budged! So, its very good quality.
However, I have to admit that it seems a bit lazy to buy it from here, when I was recently in a D.I.Y. shop and they sold the exact same item for less then a pound. And when I say the exact same - I mean the exact same. Same brand, same size!!! Thus, it seems like you pay a lot for the convenience to have it delivered in the post (and not to have to go out) despite it being free P&P.
Overall, I am VERY HAPPY TO RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO OTHERS for its quality, but I will not be repurchasing for myself from here, as I found the exact same thing elsewhere at a cheaper price!
26 October 2017
Purchased as a replacement for another much used over a few years. A traditional shape and size and a known brand. Hopefully this will survive as long .
23 April 2018
Great sponge for cleaning the car.
16 November 2017
good value for money will buy again.
Josh Hanger
8 November 2016
Did not fall to pieces like some other brands, value for money, does exactly what you'd expect, spot on.
Chloe Roberts
18 September 2017
Really nice and big. Perfect for the car.
Mr R Sheddon
7 March 2018
Good value sponge for car washing.
Paul Lincoln
6 September 2016
Cheaper alternatives are available on the high street - if you love your car don't use a sponge, use a noodle mit.

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